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Category Part number Description Price Notes
PP-25SE Roller Driver $330 w/ speed feedback and remote torque control
Magnet Rings MR-2-(bore) 2"diameter ring $60 Bore size 1.00"-1.500" one piece
example MR-2-1.250
MR-2-EM 2"diameter ring $56 For roller end mounting
MR-3.6-(bore) 3.6" diameter ring $80 Bore size 2.00"-3.00" (coming soon)
MR-2-2.00 2.38" O.D. ring $80 Bore size 2.000" 2-piece
MR-22-(bore) 2" diameter ring $80 Bore size 1.00"-1.500" 2-piece allows clamping onto roller without roller removal)
Idler rollers see roller page 6" face idler roller $260
adder per inch of length $8 up to 18" in 2" increments
'DE' or '21' option plasma coating $80  6" length
adder per inch of length $5
'C' option ceramic bearing upgrade $40
'T' option Taper profile $40
'SS' option Static String $15
'M10' option 10-pole magnet ring $80 for roller driver
'M50' option 50-pole magnet ring $80 for encoder
Power Distribution PDB-4 power distribution block  $92 4-port
EDB-8 power distribution block w/ Ethernet and local control $688 8-port. 0.5A per port
PDB-8 power distribution block  $110 8-port 
EC-5 M12 to RJ-45 cable - 5 meter $79.80 required for EDB-8
Accessories PC84-2M M8 4-pin cable $22 2 meter cable - flying leads one end
PC84-2MC M8 4-pin cable $30 2 meter cable - M8 connector both ends
PC84-5M M8 4-pin cable $28 5 meter cable - flying leads one end
PC84-5MC M8 4-pin cable $36 5 meter cable - M8 connector both ends
PMB25-2-(bore) Shaft clamp-on Puck mounting plate  $46
Powered Turn-bar QT-12 12"w.w. quad drive $3900

Quantity discount 1% per unit on a single order minimum 5 pc. and maximum of 15%


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