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Standard 1.33" diameter carbon fiber idler roller

Poweredrollers.com idler rollers are constructed of the strongest and lightest materials for the least amount of inertia and bearing friction.  The design is such that they can be removed for cleaning/inspection without tools.  There is a retaining o-ring behind the rear bearing that secures the shell in place.  Because the large diameter support shaft runs out to the center of the web, deflection is minimized while being able to cantilever roller shells to 18" length.  Rollers can have a taper profile for accurate web tracking, various plasma coatings, ceramic ball bearings for further reduced friction, and a static elimination option.

Ordering and dimensional information:

Example: 12" face idler roller with ceramic bearings, aluminum shaft, 1/2"-13 mounting tap, and a magnet ring for the driver:

Part number CRA1.33-8CM10

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Last modified: 03/14/08