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Poweredrollers.com web transport demo unit

 This demo unit shows a light, 80mm-wide nonwoven web being unwound from a free-wheeling unwind stand, over a 90-degree turn-bar, through a positive-displacement web guide, through a series of (6) rollers of which (3) are powered, and finally through an air vortec unit to keep a minimal amount of tension on the web only to assure roller contact.  These are some of the toughest components to run a low-tension web over at high speeds.  The video link below shows the web being transported over these components at speeds over 1500fpm only by the torque of the driven idler rollers.   The turn-bar actually feeds out material faster than the web guide can take up so the tension at theentrance of the guide is near zero.  The unwind stand is not driven and there is no rewind or nip drive to generate web tension.  Also, all of the roller function as idler rollers when de-energized for ease of thread-up.  

To see the video, click here

  A mobile version of this unit will be available to travel to meet with your engineering team soon.



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